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Be your preference for a traditional wood stove, or for a wood stove with plenty of heat storage, Lotus SOLA will be a natural choice for you. SOLA is characterized by its tall, slender door, generating an extraordinary experience of the fascinating play of the flames. SOLA and SOLA S, with soapstone covering, are slender and elegant stoves. Its round shape and a depth of just 38.5 cm make this stove easy and natural to place regardless of its intended position in the room.

This stove is marked with the Nordic environmental label.
Read more about the Nordic environmental label here >>

  • Drawing
  • Measurement data
All models have a branch diameter of 150 mm. Dimensioning of smoke outlet has been specified to the middle of the smoke branch.
Measurement data for Lotus SOLA MST    
326 Kg
Chimney Draft:
12 Pa
Nominal Effect:
5 KW
Operating Area:
3-7 KW
Room Size:
30-120 m2
Optional Accessories:
Distance to inflammable:    
Side Wall:
250 mm
Rear Wall:
150 mm
Lotus Heating Systems
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