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Lotus 7110
- More than a wood stove

A wood stove is more than an investment in heating. It’s central position in your home will require that the design match your furnishings and your lifestyle in an effortless manner. Lotus 7010 is
a beautiful, wall-hung stove whereas the Lotus 7100 stoves are on a plinth, making these stoves more slender and elegant that traditional wood stoves. They will fit into more compact homes as well as minimalist surrounds. These stoves are supplied with a rotating function.

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  • Measurement data
All models have a branch diameter of 150 mm. Dimensioning of smoke outlet has been specified to the middle of the smoke branch.
Measurement data for Lotus 7110    
Lotus 7110
145 Kg
Chimney Draft:
14 Pa
Nominal Effect:
4,5 KW
Operating Area:
3-7 KW
Room Size:
30-120 m2
Optional Accessories:
Soapstone top
Ceramic top plate
Distance to inflammable:    
Side Wall:
1000 mm
Rear Wall:
200 mm
1000 mm
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